The Full Seed Super-Moon and Ostara

April 30, 2019
Jazmin Hill

The full Seed Super-Moon and Ostara are here…

Or, if you prefer:

  • Full Worm Moon
  • Full Storm Moon
  • Full Lenten Moon
  • Full Crow Moon
  • Full Sap Moon
  • Full Crust (as in snow)
  • Full Chaste or Maiden Moon

moon, equinox

The Equinox

Whatever you call her… just know the Equinox is a time where Light and Shadow exist in perfect balance, in a deep Trust… where raw places coexist with joy, a portal that opens this time of year bringing a most welcome turning of the wheel, where winter nudges spring, the darkness kisses the dawn.



Ostara.. or again if you prefer, the Vernal Equinox is celebrated as a time of renewal & rebirth, spanning multiple cultures with roots going back to the Mayans and the Celts… Even our primitive ancestors offer clues of seasonal observances in crude stone carvings & paintings…

So gather up your family and friends… get out your stones and crystals for cleansing, the official Equinox time is 4:58 (CT) and later around dusk look to the eastern horizon to see the last Full Super Moon till 3/9/2020.

Also, keep in mind when looking up into the sky that today the sun rose due East and will set due West… Remember Equinox means equal night.

Your Time Is Appreciated…

Inspiration, some borrowed lines, and Thanks must be given to the incredibly talented @wolfwomanwitch
Photo credit unknown.



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