Therapeutic Massage Can Ease Seasonal Affective Disorder

April 9, 2019
Jazmin Hill

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, is a form of depression that occurs seasonally. Typically building up in the fall and winter months, then disappearing with the coming of Spring.

A professional therapeutic massage decreases pain and stress. It provides an overall feeling of well being and can be very effective for anyone suffering from SAD.


Benefits a Professional Therapeutic Massage Provides:

  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced fatigue
  • More energy
  • Boost of endorphins
  • Positive Feelings
  • Improved immunity
  • Moisturize dry winter skin

Aromatherapy Massage

The use of Aromatherapy during a massage can stimulate positive emotions by affecting our limbic system. Some suggested essential oils for dealing with SAD include the following: Basil, Orange, Sandalwood, Lemon, Jasmine, Sage, Chamomile and Peppermint.

Effects of Therapeutic Massage

Colder temperatures and wet dreary winter weather can bring extra tension in the body, especially in the neck and shoulder area. Just imagine…a warm massage table in a cozy environment with a skilled therapeutic touch. With this, you’re able to release that tension. This soothing experience leaves you feeling calm and better connected to your body.


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Helpful Practices to Fight SAD

Did you know that SAD affects 20% of Americans? SAD is different for each person who experiences it. Because of this, SAD needs a multifaceted approach. There are other helpful practices. Never be afraid to reach out & ask for help, you are not alone. Self care isn’t selfish.

Some more options that fight SAD:

  • Regular exercise stimulates serotonin, which regulates and boosts your mood
  • Proper Vitamin D levels
  • Bright light therapy
  • Omega 3-fats
  • Proper gut health
  • Optimizing your sleep
  • CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)
  • Energy therapy meridians release blockages and restore balance in mind and body
  • EFT(emotional freedom therapy)
  • Tapping
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

Sources for this post are from Dr. Mercola and Suzanne Schaper. Artwork by @AMEYASREALM

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