About Evolve

Pain Management Specialists

Evolve Massage and Alternative Healing was born out of the idea that massage is essential for the reduction and management of many, if not all chronic pain conditions. Many of our clients have chronic pain that Traditional Western Medicine only knows how to treat with drugs and surgery. Many chronic pain conditions and even other chronic issues including anxiety and depression can have their roots in muscular tension and knots.

“We are passionate about helping you feel better. We are not only going to use our expertise to release tight, knotted muscles, but we will also council you in stretching and meditation techniques to take home with you so you can make marked improvements even between sessions.
Pain is NOT a given side effect of aging… often it is a choice. We can help you understand what that means and how to make choices to manage and eventually relieve your daily pain.” -Michael

Who We Are

Evolve is a small family owned business, but we are growing! We now have 2 locations. Our Southside location is off Highland Ave, near the Garage on 23rd St. S, down the hill from Bottega.
Our new Homewood Location is on Crescent Ave, right off downtown Homewood, near OLS.

Massage Therapists



Valerie Chastain, LMT, NMT # 3612

Valerie is a state licensed massage therapist since 2011, with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and certified Reiki Master. She specializes in Pain Management and loves helping clients with chronic neck pain. Valerie is also certified in Pregnancy Massage.

Valerie has a life-long passion for homeopathic medicine and Eastern Healing practices. Valerie and Michael have a two year old son, and two school-age girls between them. In her free time she tends organic gardens and has a vast working knowledge of herbology and nutrition.


Michael Disko, LMT, NMT # 3841

Michael is a state licensed massage therapist since 2013 with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and certified Reiki Master. He specializes in Pain Management and is skilled at using focused, precise pressure and stretching to relieve chronic pain in the neck and shoulders, or low back and hips.

Michael is a student of Eastern Medicine and Western Esoteric studies with a life-long meditation practice. When he isn’t at work, he is probably hanging out with Valerie, their son and two girls, or playing guitar or his djembe drum.


Ian Krusinski, LMT, NMT # 4265

Ian is a state licensed massage therapist since 2015 with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and certified Reiki Master. He specializes in Pain Management and utilizes unique kneading and stretching techniques to combat chronic pain issues, whether your neck, back, or hips are you concern.

Ian is an accomplished aromatherapist, and crystal aficionado. When he’s not in a therapy session he is likely working on a new landscaping project, gardening, or making some of his unique silver wire-wrap metaphysical jewelry.



Dalton Spradlin, LMT, NMT # 4536

Dalton is a state licensed massage therapist since 2016 with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy. He specializes in Pain Management and loves finding new techniques to treat familiar issues, whether they’re found in your head and neck or low back and hips.

Dalton is passionate about self-care, and has been an avid reader and learner since childhood. When he isn’t in a therapy session, he can likely be found whipping up something new in the kitchen, cruising around town on his board, or finding new books in local thrift stores.

Brittany Mangina, LMT, NMT # 5275

Brittany is a state licensed therapist with a certification in neuromuscular therapy. She is also trained in deep tissue and relaxation techniques. Brittany has a passion for helping others and believes massage is essential for self care of the mind, body, and soul.

Brittany loves spending free time with her friends and family. Being outdoors is a must. Whether it’s a quiet day of hiking & exploring, a day at the beach or an evening boat ride on the lake. Brittany enjoys grounding & surrounding herself in all that Mother Nature so abundantly provides.

Christopher Cox, LMT, NMT# 5273

Chris is a state licensed massage therapist with a certification in Neuromuscular Therapy. He specialized in Pain Management and enjoys helping clients wherever they need it.

Chris is an avid reader, gamer, and history buff. When he’s not in a therapy session, he is likely searching for a new gem in the book store or caring for the ones he loves.


Daynette Ranger, LMT # 3412

Daynette is a state licensed massage therapist since 2012. She specializes in Massage as part of Holistic Healing Therapy.

Daynette has experience helping her clients with chronic pain and has even spent some time teaching Massage Therapy at Virginia College.

Yoga Instructors


Elizabeth Kim  *200-hr RYT

Elizabeth completed the 200-hr Yoga Teacher Program at Birmingham Yoga. She enjoys practicing the styles of Ashtanga, Kundalini, Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga. Regardless of age, gender, or background, she finds joy in being able to help others conquer their fears and struggles as she herself does through the steady practice of yoga.

Elizabeth is a multi-medium artist and also teaches dance for children at The Dance Foundation. She currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her loving husband and two amazing dogs.

Melissa Boyles  *200-hr YTT

Melissa received her 200 YTT from Asheville Yoga Center in 2008.  Over the years her teaching style has evolved to inspire and challenge students to surrender to inner tension and trauma and allow the body to heal through breath work, specific postures, improvisation and empowered conscious eating habits.

When Melissa is not teaching you can find her walking in nature with her son and husband, gardening, cooking, learning about herbalism and nutrition, and reading. She also likes to veg out on food documentaries on Netflix.


Racheal Leal *200-hr YTT

Rachael completed The Sacred Glow 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training in Birmingham, AL. Rachael strives to offer awareness of the foundations of healthy movement in a loving, accepting and meditative environment. She has a degree in psychology and continues her home studies on mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

Rachael spends much of her free time outdoors with her husband and their 3 children. She feels balanced and joyful connecting with nature and the oneness of all. Rachael also embraces creative expression through painting and drawing.




I’ve been going to Evolve for massages with Michael for 6 months. Both locations are relaxing and peaceful; the new Crescent Ave location is particularly welcoming . Michael is great with both stress and pain relief. He finds all the right pressure points and the pain and stress just melt away. At one point I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder causing chronic pain. After a visit with Michael, it was gone. I highly recommend both Michael and Evolve. I’ll keep returning.


This place is warm, inviting, and has a heightened vibrational energy that can be felt when you walk in the door. I must say, this provided me with exactly what I needed. Ian answered all of my questions helped me to hone in on clearing my energy. I left feeling light as a feather.
I truly recommend this to anyone open-minding and ready.


Best massage ever. As some have stated on here also, Valerie asked where I was most in pain and went to work on those muscles, tailored the massage to my needs and my condition. Was good and sore the next day but the long term healing benefits of my visit have been beyond expectation!


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Where We Are Going

At the moment, we are small, but we will grow.  We feel like Birmingham needs an opportunity to try out some new things, and as we learn them, we will offer them!

We look forward to the opportunity to help nurture the already growing community of consciousness in our home, Birmingham, Alabama. We believe to be healthy and happy, one must combat ignorance and fear and embrace knowledge, faith and love. 

It’s time to Evolve, Birmingham. Join us.