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Pain Management Specialists

Evolve Massage and Alternative Healing was born out of the idea that massage is essential for the reduction and management of many, if not all chronic pain conditions. Many of our clients have chronic pain that Traditional Western Medicine only knows how to treat with drugs and surgery. Many chronic pain conditions and even other chronic issues including anxiety and depression can have their roots in muscular tension and knots.

“We are passionate about helping you feel better. We are not only going to use our expertise to release tight, knotted muscles, but we will also council you in stretching and meditation techniques to take home with you so you can make marked improvements even between sessions.
Pain is NOT a given side effect of aging… often it is a choice. We can help you understand what that means and how to make choices to manage and eventually relieve your daily pain.” -Michael

Who We Are

Evolve is a small family owned business located off Highland Ave, near the Garage on 23rd St. S, down the hill from Bottega.



Valerie Chastain, LMT, NMT # 3612

Valerie is a state licensed massage therapist since 2011, with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and certified Reiki Master. She specializes in Pain Management and loves helping clients with chronic neck pain. Valerie is also certified in Pregnancy Massage.

Valerie has a life-long passion for homeopathic medicine and Eastern Healing practices. Valerie and Michael have a new son, and two school-age girls between them. In her free time she tends organic gardens and has a vast working knowledge of herbology and nutrition.


Michael Disko, LMT, NMT # 3841

Michael is a state licensed massage therapist since 2013 with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and certified Reiki Master. He specializes in Pain Management and is skilled at using focused, precise pressure and stretching to relieve chronic pain in the neck and shoulders, or low back and hips.

Michael is a student of Eastern Medicine and Western Esoteric studies with a life-long meditation practice. When he isn’t at work, he is probably hanging out with his new son, doing yoga with Valerie and their two girls, or playing guitar or his djembe drum.



Ian Krusinski, LMT, NMT # 4265

Ian is a state licensed massage therapist since 2015 with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and certified Reiki Master. He specializes in Pain Management and utilizes unique kneading and stretching techniques to combat chronic pain issues, whether your neck, back, or hips are you concern.

Ian is an accomplished aromatherapist, and crystal aficionado. When he’s not in a therapy session he is likely working on an art project or making some of his unique silver wire-wrap metaphysical jewelry.


Dalton Spradlin, LMT, NMT # 4536

Dalton is a state licensed massage therapist since 2016 with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy. He specializes in Pain Management and loves finding new techniques to treat familiar issues, whether they’re found in your head and neck or low back and hips.

Dalton is passionate about self-care, and has been an avid reader and learner since childhood. When he isn’t in a therapy session, he can likely be found whipping up something new in the kitchen, cruising around town on his board, or finding new books in local thrift stores.


Where We Are Going

At the moment, we are small, but we will grow.  We feel like Birmingham needs an opportunity to try out some new things, and as we learn them, we will offer them!

We look forward to the opportunity to help nurture the already growing community of consciousness in our home, Birmingham, Alabama. We believe to be healthy and happy, one must combat ignorance and fear and embrace knowledge, faith and love. 

It’s time to Evolve, Birmingham. Join us.

Our Services

Pain Management $85/60 mins $115/90 mins  For the Client that wakes up often or everyday with pain. (Choose Neck/Shoulders or Lowback/Hips Focus)

Deep Tissue – $85/60 mins $115/90 mins – If you are an athlete or just need some serious attention to your tight muscles and a bothersome knot or two, this is the massage for you.

Aromatherapy Massage – $100/60 mins $130/90 mins – Our Aromatherapy Massage features Young Living Essential Oils and Includes a brief Aromatherapy Consultation. Essential Oils can increase the level of relaxation of your massage, as well as contribute to your wellness in unexpected ways.

Prenatal – $85/60 mins $115/90 minsSide-lying massage so for the soon-to-be mother’s comfort and safety of the baby. Prenatal Massage is more gentle than our other massages, and can relieve aches and pains that come along with all the changes the body goes through during pregnancy.

Energy Massage with Crystal Balancing – $85/60 mins $115/90 minsThis is a massage that focuses on clear intent – rhythmic strokes calm and align your body, while you are encouraged to take deep breaths and focus on your body as a whole being. We finish with a few minutes of chakra crystal balancing that will leave you feeling enlivened and refreshed.

Reiki – $65/45 mins – A Japanese modality of Energy Healing. This is a light touch modality that is performed with the client fully clothed. The goal of Reiki is to heal blockages and/or tears in the emotional body, which in turn affect any issues you are having in your physical body.

New Client Interested in Trying Us Out?
We always offer $20 off for New Clients!
Ask about discounted pricing for packages.
Call or text (205)566-4526 to ask a question.
Click Here to book an appointment!

“No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.” ~Deepak Chopra



Black Friday BOGO!!!

We hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving! (and late afternoon nap!)

This year we are only offering our Holiday BOGO for Black Friday!!!

Starting 7pm Thanksgiving thru 11:59pm Monday Night (11/26/2018), if you buy a Gift Certificate for a 60 minute or 90 minute service, you will receive a free Gift Certificate for a 60 minute service.

Click the Link Below to Purchase!!!


Please Note: This deal is intended for Holiday Gift Giving. A single client may use up to 3 Free Gift Certificates Only.



 If you have seen a deal on a 3rd party website, we will match the price
+ give you a $10 Coupon to use when you come back for your second service!

Call 205.566.4526 to Schedule!

(tell us what Deal you saw when you call)

This offer is good for New Clients
or Clients that have not been active for more than 6 months.

$20 OFF New Clients

New Clients always receive $20 off their first service!

Call 205.566.4526 to Schedule!

This offer is good for New Clients Only!

50% OFF Aromatherapy Massage

Our Aromatherapy Massage is specifically for people interested in Young Living Essential Oils. This massage is about introducing you to or educating you about Young Living Essential Oils, as well as giving you a deeply relaxing experience.

Call 205.566.4526 to Schedule!

This offer is good to New or Existing Clients!

We will be changing these promotions from time to time, so always check back!

-Valerie, Michael, & Ian


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 44 reviews

Oh, my goodness, Meaghan was WONDERFUL. I’m a massage enthusiast, going somewhat regularly for 5-6 years to various places. Meaghan is the best I’ve ever seen. I had my 2nd massage with her on Friday, 6/8, and it was a combo relaxation/deep tissue. She explained various modalities and constantly checked with me to confirm her touch was appropriately firm/light. Meaghan is extremely professional, polite, and personable in manner, disposition and expression, but also in her technique! The atmosphere was wonderfully inviting, relaxing (complete with very soft light/candles). No other thereapists for me but Meaghan! THE BEST!

My husband and I have had 2 couples massages with Ian and Meghan and have another one scheduled. We highly recommend both Ian and Meghan. They make a really great team and are both very personable. Ian does excellent deep tissue massages and works out all the tough areas better than anyone I've ever received a massage from. I honestly felt a euphoric feeling afterwards that made for the best sleep I've ever had and all my tension and soreness disappeared for weeks. My husband wanted more of a relaxation massage and he says Meghan is perfect for achieving it. He got up from the massage looking like he had just woken up from a wonderful, restful sleep. He, too, slept great afterwards and for many days to come. We also both struggle with anxiety issues and found the massages to alleviate that as well for awhile. We now consider this experience a favorite activity to relax and spend time together as a couple. Again, we highly recommend both Ian and Meghan and the couples massage experience. 🙂

I have been having alot of pain in my upper back, neck, and shoulders. My right shoulder had lost some mobility so I went for deep tissue massage therapy. Megham was terrific and listened to me as I described in detail what was going on. She was very cautious to apply the correct amount of pressure so that it didnt cause me discomfort. She worked each area I was having trouble with and brought me much needed relief. Today I am able to use my right arm more and doing so without the pain. She also gave me epsoms salt and told me to take a hot bath in it to draw out more of the toxins. She was very kind, very attentive, and did an outstanding job to bring me the relief I needed.

this was my very first massage. amazing experience. thank you, meghan.

This was my first time getting a massage & it was an awesome experience. Meghan was very informing, she made me feel comfortable about what will happen & she made sure I was comfortable with her level of pressure to my body. The aroma & energy in the room was very calming. I will be booking another session with them in the near future.

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Black Friday BOGO!

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We hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving! (and late afternoon nap!) This year we are only offering our Holiday BOGO for…

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