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Pain Management Specialists

Evolve Massage and Alternative Healing was born out of the idea that massage is essential for the reduction and management of many, if not all chronic pain conditions. Many of our clients have chronic pain that Traditional Western Medicine only knows how to treat with drugs and surgery. Many chronic pain conditions and even other chronic issues including anxiety and depression can have their roots in muscular tension and knots.

“We are passionate about helping you feel better. We are not only going to use our expertise to release tight, knotted muscles, but we will also council you in stretching and meditation techniques to take home with you so you can make marked improvements even between sessions.
Pain is NOT a given side effect of aging… often it is a choice. We can help you understand what that means and how to make choices to manage and eventually relieve your daily pain.” -Michael

Who We Are

Evolve is a small family owned business located off Highland Ave, near the Garage on 23rd St. S, down the hill from Bottega.


Where We Are Going

At the moment, we are small, but we will grow.  We feel like Birmingham needs an opportunity to try out some new things, and as we learn them, we will offer them!

We look forward to the opportunity to help nurture the already growing community of consciousness in our home, Birmingham, Alabama. We believe to be healthy and happy, one must combat ignorance and fear and embrace knowledge, faith and love. 

It’s time to Evolve, Birmingham. Join us.

Our Services

Pain Management$85/60 mins $115/90 mins  For the Client that wakes up often or everyday with pain.

Deep Tissue – $85/60 mins $115/90 mins – If you are an athlete or just need some serious attention to your tight muscles and a bothersome knot or two, this is the massage for you.

Certified Prenatal with Val – $85/60 mins $115/90 mins – Not only is Val certified in Prenatal Massage, but she is also extremely intuitive, and as a mother herself, knows what your body is going through.

Energy Massage with Crystal Balancing – $85/60 mins $115/90 minsThis is a massage that focuses on clear intent – rhythmic strokes calm and align your body, while you are encouraged to take deep breaths and focus on your body as a whole being. We finish with a few minutes of chakra crystal balancing that will leave you feeling enlivened and refreshed.

Reiki – $65/45 mins – A Japanese modality of Energy Healing. This is a light touch modality that is performed with the client fully clothed. The goal of Reiki is to heal blockages and/or tears in the emotional body, which in turn affect any issues you are having in your physical body.

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“When you touch a body, you touch the whole person, the intellect, the spirit and the emotions” – Jane Harrington


Our Blog

We are Having a Baby!

We are Having a Baby!

May 18 2017

Hello All! We are having a baby at Evolve! Valerie and Michael are having a baby boy scheduled to arrive July 1,…

Happy February!

Happy February!

Feb 03 2017

Hey Everyone! We are offering $100 Couples for February! Give us a call at 2055664526. Promotions Hope to see you soon! -Michael

Happy Fall Equinox!!!

Happy Fall Equinox!!!

Sep 23 2016

Happy Fall Equinox from Evolve!!! We are offering $30 off all gift certificates at Just use promo code “FALL” at check…

Into the 1034 Building!

Into the 1034 Building!

May 03 2016

Okay, Evolve is officially at 1034 23rd St S Suite 202, Birmingham, AL 35205!!! Michael has moved out of the Rhodes Park…


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1034 23rd St S Suite 202, Birmingham, Alabama 35205